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Bankruptcy Attorneys, Debt Relief, and Eviction Lawyers


Awasthi Law Corporation provides high quality legal services to individuals and small businesses at a reasonable price. We handle each client's case as if we were in their shoes - with diligence, focus, and a sense of urgency. Our approach to legal analysis emphasizes thorough research, attention to detail, and creative problem solving. Most importantly, we always keep in mind the cost and benefit of different options to the client over both the short and long term.

ALC's practice areas are listed and described below. Communicating with the client is just as important to us as working on their case - thus we make every effort to respond to questions promptly and in a clear manner.


Grade A-

ALC is one of a small number of law firms in the Sacramento area that has been accredited by the BBB.




Debt Relief - Foreclosure, Garnishment, Loan Modification, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

ALC helps people in financial distress to reduce, eliminate or restructure their personal debt. We understand that “bad things happen to good people”. Financial distress is emotionally exhausting and should not be tackled alone – particularly in an area where you can be taken advantage of if you do not know what you’re doing or if you do not have reliable legal representation.

At ALC, our job is to serve as your legal counselor, translate all the legalese and help you get a fresh financial start. We are a boutique law firm, not a boiler room 'foreclosure relief' company run by former mortgage brokers and real estate agents.

ALC can customize a legal and financial game plan that will eliminate as much of your debt as possible, while protecting and maintaining your possessions. Whether you own a house or not, our law firm’s goal remains the same: shed as much of your debt and help you keep as much property and assets as is legally possible.


Landlord Tenant Law, Eviction & Registered Agent Service

ALC handles a variety of legal issues for landlords and business owners. See our Services page for more information. If you are a landlord that needs help dealing with troublesome tenants, contact highly rated eviction attorneys in Sacramento via the link.


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